High mountain oolong tea from Nepal manual collection (2000-2500 m. Above sea level). When collecting is going to upper leaf with the kidney. Light, refreshing tea. Its dense infusion orange-brown color invigorates and well toned. On the palate is dominated by velvet honey sweetness. Can be brewed several times. The ideal tea for afternoon tea, relieves fatigue accumulated during the day, refreshes, soothes and relaxes softly. Infusion - the color of the setting sun. Taste - voluminous, smooth with floral and honey notes.

Method of preparation:

1. If it is possible, use spring water or well filtered water, because teast of tea depend upon quality of water.
2. Rinse the teapot with hot water
3. Pour one teaspoon (2 – 3 gm) of tea per 200 ml of water (for 1 person)

4. First, you boil water and let it cools up to  98 C0, then pour the water in kettle.
If you use boiling water, tea becomes strong and taste will be a bit of bitterness.
6. Brew for 2-3 minutes.
7. Then pour in a cup and enjoy the great taste of the Himalayan tea.

8. It can be brewed several times, gradually increasing the time of infusion.
9. Keep the tea in a dry, protected from light and away from food with a strong smell.

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