Marilen Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.  Nepal

Marilen Enterprises Pvt Ltd is promoting Nepali eco-products such as tea, coffee and natural cosmetics. The skeleton of our company are - skilled and experienced, having ancient secret knowledge of homeopathy. Taking into account the massed attack of chemical products in our modern life, we are offering absolutely natural products that are good for health: Organic tea and coffee only from Nepal. Also on offer are the natural cosmetics produced from the Himalaya plants and essence under the trade mark 'Herbo Magic'. We have a wide scale of production with the special Himalaya fragrance - 'a mystery of the mountains; wild aromas'.

Our company specializes in:

a) Himalayan Tea (Camellia sinensis)
g) Himalayan Coffee
c) Himalayan Herbs
b) Herbal Tea
d) Himalayan Cosmetics (Herbo Magic) and other Nepalese goods and products

Nepal is sandwiched between India and China. The basic landscape of Nepal is the mountains, but has a diverse terrain from 60 meters above the sea level in the south to 8848 meters in the north (Mt. Everest). Therefore, all climatic zones are present in Nepal, which allows to grow more than 700 varieties of useful plants. Eco-environmental setting of Nepal is suitable for the plants to accumulate optimum concentration of the curative substances. Each of such plants is collected manually and is processed with a special technology, which turns the valuable grasses into elixirs that remains in the same fresh state for some centuries. .

Nepalese homeopaths with years of experience have come up with the natural products like toilet soap, liquid soap, shampoos, oils, etc. using the extracts from the Himalayan vegetative components and oils. Each product contains more than 20 extracts of the highly advantageous plants of the Himalayas, especially for the care of the skin and hair. It is worth noting that only natural components such as soap beans (Sapindus Mukurossi) are used to maintain the quality of our products.

The natural smell of our products will serve you as a good gift. Our products of class 'elite' are intended for spas and care of the facial skin, body and hair. All lines of cosmetics are good for daily use for people with any type of skin. Thanks to original technology and unique structure which are some kind of know-how of the manufacturer, series products 'Herbo Magic' have kept the natural smell.

Using our cosmetics product 'Herbo Magic' will provide you the force of the fertile land of the Himalayas. We are sure that our products are the powerful tools for strengthening your health, enhancing your beauty and youth. The company Marilen Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. works for you; our products are the gifts of the nature of Nepal; and we open ancient health secrets of Nepal. Guaranteeing the quality of our products, we offer favorable conditions of cooperation with our regional and local distributors from all over Russia and other countries.

We assure you quality products and fast delivery, with the best possible service even via mail order. Our strength is our team that maintains a positive attitude for the innovation and development of products, firm commitment in offering a truly exceptional service to all our customers, and our burning desire as a team to achieve the corporate goals of the organization and the industry at large.

We are ready to discuss about manufacturing our production under your trade-mark.

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Nepal is the god living land where all kinds of religion and philosophers get mutual understanding and would find their dream.
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The first production of Nepalese tea was Orthodox. And for more than 100 years, Nepalís tea industry remained largely under government/ruling class domain. See more...
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Nepali coffee is known for its exquisite aroma due to natural conditions unique, donated by nature.
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